LL-ArrowWhat devices do landlords need?

New legislation came into force in October 2015 requiring landlords to install working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their properties in England.

Regulations require a smoke alarm on every floor where there is accommodation and also a CO alarm in any habitable rooms with a solid fuel appliance. Local authorities have a duty to serve notice on the landlord if there is a breach of the Regulations and can execute remedial action if necessary and make a penalty charge up to £5,000.

The landlord, managing agent or other representative must also check that alarms work at the start of each tenancy – although regular testing will be the tenant’s responsibility – and replace any that do not. With this in mind, the latest generation of 10-year guarantee alarms can help landlords meet their obligations over the longer term, cost-effectively.

To simplify things, E&G ELECTRICAL have selected SEVEN products that will make your property legal and safe. Click on any item to be taken directly to our web sales for a full description of the various devices.

FIRE-DETECTION-AICO-EI-161-150x150OPTICAL SMOKE ALARM: Ei166RC Recommended for Hallways, Landings and Living Rooms.

Aico-EI164RC-150x133HEAT ALARM: Ei164RC Recommended for Kitchens and Integral Garages

AICO-Ei161RCIONISATION SMOKE ALARM: Ei161RC Recommended for Bedrooms

images-22-150x150RADIO LINK EI168RC: Allows wireless interconnection

Aico-EI262-Carbon-Monoxide-Detector-150x150CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM: E1262 Powered by 230V AC mains. Alert to presence of deadly CO. Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting

Aico-EI261ENRC-Carbon-Monoxide-Detector-Mains-150x150CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM: E1261: Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting. Remote Control capability

UnknownALARM CONTROL: Ei450 works through RadioLINK (Wireless) Interconnection with the 2100 series and 160RC series on RadioLINK Base, and 260 Series



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