LightwaveRF LW821 In Line Relay

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Product Description

  • Fully remote controllable inline relay
  • Works as part of the LightwaveRF home automation system
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Play
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  • LightwaveRF inline switching opens up a world of possibilities. Inline relays and dimmers make it possible to operate mains voltage devices such as curtains, gates, garage doors and large lighting circuits. You can switch or dim them remotely from the LightwaveRF app, remote control or from a wire-free switch.A LightwaveRF inline relay or dimmer in combination with a wire-free switch can be especially useful in a bathroom where it is not permitted to install a regular dimmer.

    Team up a JSJSLW831 inline dimmer with a JSJSLW201 wire-free switch in the bathroom and you can safely dim the lights even in a damp environment.

    Pair up a JSJSLW826 on/off switch with a JSJSLW821 inline relay and you can open the garage door and turn on the house lights when you arrive home.

    Inline dimmers and relays don’t need to be accessed physically, so they can be installed in roof spaces or wall cavities. They work remotely, controlled by handheld remotes, automatic switches and triggers or with a smartphone or tablet from anywhere worldwide via the Lightwave Link.


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