Brand Review: Aurora Lighting

Aurora Lighting have cemented themselves as a ‘go-to’ brand within the commercial and domestic lighting industry. This award winning lighting manufacturer offers quality solutions for a dynamic range of lighting needs; whether it’s ceiling downlights, garden lights, LED lightbulbs or lighting control units; the size of their catalogue is titanic.

Rarely does a day go by when Direct Trade Supplies fail to take an order for Aurora goods. So what’s so special about this leading lighting brand? 

There are numerous reasons as to why Aurora remain a cut above the rest (majority).

– They are quality conscious.

– Show great attention to detail.

– Manufacture all the parts a consumer needs.

– Create lights in tune with modern times.

– Continue to improve already established models.

– Rapidly develop new ranges.

Within this blog we plan to dissect our vast selection of Aurora Lighting products – from downlights, wall lights, under cabinet lighting, strip lights and bulbs! Within this breakdown you can find suitable lighting for both domestic and commercial scenarios.

We hope that if you’re looking to implement lighting at work or home (if you’re a business, check out printing services by City Printing, London), that our Aurora lights and accessories can assist you on your journey.

Aurora Lighting For The Home, Office, Store & Venue


Just like any brand, Aurora have their staple products. The items which dominate most of our Aurora sales include their diverse selection of LED downlights. Whether it’s an all-in-one LED downlight, fire rated downlight or a halogen model it doesn’t matter, because they are all crafted with care, quality and longevity in mind.

Aurora M Series

One of the most popular Aurora models is their ‘M’ series collection of LED downlights. The Aurora M series comprises of three different all-in-one LED downlights. Each model offers a convenient solution to ceiling lighting with each coming complete with integrated LED bulbs already inserted inside. They also possess other attributes such as dimmable/non-dimmable capabilities as well as adjustable features to help you find the perfect beam angle. Many of these all-in-one LED Aurora downlights come with bezel accessories so you can match up the bezels with the style and colour of your interiors.

Aurora M series downlights

Aurora m5 is the ideal downlight for domestic situations, originally made as a non-dimmable unit but now featuring a dimmable model too, the m5 consists of a 4.9w power operation meaning it doesn’t have to adhere to L1 building regulations.

Aurora m7 is an upgrade on the m5 but still hosts fixed or adjustable features depending on what you need. The m7 is an option for both domestic and commercial lighting, presenting a low wattage and lumen value.

Aurora m10 looks a little different to the m5 and m7, and its main selling point is its ability to be customised with additional accessories, making it a great selection for projects and commercial applications.

Aurora i10 & Enlite Series

aurora i10 and enlite

Aurora i10 is one of the brand’s high-end downlights, they include further design tweaks to accommodate quality dimming, adjustability and brightness. The ‘i’ range uses nearly 65 lumens per watt with a colour rendering index of 80. The i10 steers the range up to 635 lumens making it a perfect low energy alternative compared to power and energy hungry halogen downlights.

Along with its beautiful beam the i10 hosts on-board driver technology so you don’t need to worry about purchasing a driver/transformer separately. Its FASTFIX connector consists of loop in and loop out terminals making the i10 not only a bright and stylish ceiling light but a downlight which is incredibly easy to install.

Aurora Enlite is one of the most recently launched downlights by the Aurora brand. They are part of the economy range and sit within the most affordable selection of downlights we have in stock. Within the Enlite range you can discover fixed, adjustable and IP65 models which are suited for bathrooms. Three finishes are available with white, polished chrome and satin nickel bezels providing a modest or snazzy appearance, depending on your style.

You have the option to partner your Enlite downlights with either halogen or LED GU10 bulbs, one of the most common bulb types around. Just like the Aurora i10, the Enlite supplies a quick installation process using a loop in/loop out terminal block for fuss-free wiring.

Indoor Wall Lights

Indoor wall lights often try to find a harmonious balance between practicality and aesthetics. Indoor wall lights not only need to compliment the interiors but they also have to act as either task lighting (to serve a specific purpose) or accent lighting (to create an ambience against a feature wall or object). Aurora Lighting manufacture a whole host of wall lights, coming in varying shapes, sizes and functions. Below is a mixed selection highlighting the sheer diversity of designs available at Direct Trade Supplies.

aurora wall lights 1

Aurora Contemporary Up/Down Wall Light is as fluid and minimal as they come. It creates a new look to up/down functioning lights using a streamline appearance to reflect elegance and subtlety. This is a wall light that would live happily in the corridors of any prestigious or luxury home, as well as apartment blocks, retail stores or hospitality venues such as hotels and bars.

The light itself uses a curved profile to accent light upwards and downwards giving plenty of opportunity to create ambience up against feature statements below or above the light. Other than its graceful looks, the beauty of this light is that it comes with integrated non-replaceable LED bulbs, this means you don’t need to spend time sourcing the bulbs BUT don’t worry because the light comes with a three year warranty – but Aurora have stressed that the lamp life should exceed this warranty time.

Aurora HID Up/Down Wall Light is a strong and purposeful up and down light, which can be installed outside as well as in. Its silky powder-coated corrosion finish gives a sleek yet resistant shield against bad weather, should you decide to apply outdoors. The light is mains voltage compatible and is supplied with an integral electronic ballast to power. It features a 20w lamp with great potential to light up any modern looking kitchen, hallway, living room or outdoor porch. Whether its inside or out this commanding wall light will be a sufficient servant.

aurora wall lights 2

Aurora Plaster Wall Light may not look like much from the outside but the main reason we love this light is because its modest white can be repainted into whatever colour you want. This is a great asset for those who are struggling to match up or compliment an unusual or colourful room with a light fitting. The nitty gritty of the light sees a T5 lamp with an 8w output; this will provide sufficient lighting for hallways and small domestic rooms.

Aurora 3w Wall Light could be mistaken for an air vent but there’s no hot air here, it’s low energy yet high light output, and small design, makes it perfect to sit alongside stairs and other low level arrangements. Kicking out 3w worth of power this LED light will save you energy as well as money in comparison to other conventional halogen/incandescent bulb types. Coming complete with an integral driver for simple running and IP54 mains installation this light is very easy to install.

aurora wall lights 3

Aurora 3W Stem LED Wall Light is a stylish piece of task lighting, ideal to use as a reading light or adjustable spotlight to further concentrate the beam to a specific area. Its slimline structure helps to bring a minimal and streamline angle to wall lighting, which is perfect for image conscious homes or stores that have a thirst for modern and minimalistic fixtures and accessories. In terms of its function the Stem wall light hosts an energy saving 3W LED bulb for a low consumption rate. Its 95 lumens and 3000k colour temperature aids in creating a beautiful warm white glow. Just like the entire design of the light the switch on/off button is also reserved and sleek. This helps to continue the theme of this stylishly slinky stem wall light.

Aurora GU10 Up/Down Wall Light is the last of our wall light collection and possibly our most grandeur and detailed. Using an up/down illumination you will get plenty of light from this tall contemporary style lantern. The bottom part of the light comes with an easy screw off and screw on closure, making it simple to replace the bulb. The top section of the wall light helps to keep the glow further concentrated in the frosted glass covering, which is another design feature that ups the stylish edge of this light. The fitting itself takes one of the most common bulb types, GU10s, this makes the light an even more attractive choice for retailers, hospitality venues and designer homes.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting not only provides a practical light source for when you are picking your ingredients in the kitchen or trying to find your files in the study room, but they also add to the drama and atmosphere of the home. Although under cabinet lighting generally follows a small template, they come in many shapes and styles, from triangular under cabinet lights to common circular models or fluorescent fittings to low energy LEDs.

The main thing to be aware of with under cabinet lights is making sure you’ve recorded the correct measurements before you purchase. Most under cabinet lighting is fitted inside cramp areas with limited space so the last thing you want to do is select a model that isn’t going to fit!

aurora under cabinet lights image

Aurora G4 Fixed Under Cabinet Light uses a common circular design and is suitable for mounting under, in or above cabinets, shelving, displays and bookcases – it can either be recessed or surface mounted with pattress supplied. The actual fitting is supplied with two metres of cable and an AMP connector to link up to electronic lighting transformers. The G4 lamp will provide 20w of power with low running costs attached.

Aurora Triangle Under Cabinet Light is one for the illumanti, using a less common triangular shape to display a stylish edge. This triangle under cabinet light by Aurora comes with the exact same parts as the G4 fixed cabinet light above, presenting two metres of cable and an AMP connector for linking to electronic lighting transformers. Again, it uses a 20W G4 lamp to ensure longevity and low running costs.

Aurora LED Under Cabinet Light is a luxury selection for anyone looking for a stylish and energy conscious cabinet light. This Aurora LED cabinet light uses non-replaceable LED bulbs, but don’t fret because they have a 30,000 hours lifespan, making it the ideal light for hard to access locations that will be horrible to replace bulbs in. Its total power consumption reflects 1.1W for a highly efficient yet low energy operation. Using a polycarbonate material, this under cabinet light is made of stern stuff and just like the bulb itself, it should serve you proud for a very long time. Just like most under cabinet lights by Aurora you’ll be receiving a two metre cable for connecting up to the AU-LED16T constant voltage LED controller.

Aurora Freelight T2 Under Cabinet Light provides a modern slant on cabinet illumination. Using a distinct parallelogram shape the Freelight cabinet light offers a contemporary edge compared to its more modest counterparts. The light uses a GX53 main voltage operation and is connectible to the power supply using an integrated electronic ballast. Its suitable to be fitted in a whole manner of situations including mounting under, in or above cabinets, bookcases and shelves. It’s definitely a stand out model from our collection of Aurora cabinet lights.

Aurora T5 Fluorescent Under Cabinet Light is a standard cabinet fitting which may lack the looks compared to the rest but it still provides a practical solution for under cabinet lighting. The fitting contains a T5 lamp, diffuser and 1 metre mains lead for connection. The on/off switch makes it simple to control and access lighting at your leisure. The average lamp life of this cabinet light is 5000 hours, so for its brightness and price, it’s a complimentary return of light!

Aurora LED Aluminium Fixed Cabinet Light is a well crafted model in terms of bulb technology and aesthetics. Its aluminium profile resonates a durable and stylish structure, and one which should last for many years. With 9 LED bulbs inside – with a 0.75W power consumption per LED, you’ll be receiving high efficiency matched with low running costs. This is a recessed mounting only product but can be installed under, in or above various storage units including shelves, bookcases, display and kitchen cabinets. The LED fixed cabinet light is available in white and blue, depending on your taste, style and existing interior.

Strip Lights

Strip lights are popular lighting systems for commercial situations, however more and more people are using them for domestic scenarios too. LED Strip lights come with various advantages; they are flexibility, colourful and easy to install, they also have the ability to be linked up to further grow your lighting display. Tricky situations where conventional lighting just wont fit, or areas of beauty and interest that require illuminating; are calling out for strip lights.

aurora strip lights image

Aurora Colour Changing Strip Light comes with great perks if you are looking to create and adjust the atmosphere of your home or venue using multiple colours. Colour changing lights are technically called ‘RGBs’, representative of the common colour options red, green and blue. This type of accent lighting is preferred across many hospitality venues including bars, hotels, spas and any other venue that craves a quality and colourful lighting theme.

The specific model shown in the picture above uses a cut point guideline for every six LED chips. These chips can can be programmed to show either static or changing colours. The beauty with this and others of it kind is the extremely low power consumption it uses, this RGB strip light produces 3.4w per ft and 11w per metre. The Aurora colour changing strip light can even be applied to marine environments and boat applications due to its resistant IP68 rating.

Aurora Single Colour Strip[ Light is just like the colour changing model but sticks to one single colour. Less expensive than RGB strip lights but just as effective, this is the ideal solution for a fast installation into fiddly, hard to access areas such as signs, displays and pelmets. Strip lights usually contain a self adhesive backing that makes for an easy application onto clean surfaces. Buying a strip light doesn’t need to be hassle, all that’s required is to measure the surface in which you need to light up and buy a strip light reel to the nearest metre. The majority of strip lights require a 12v DC constant voltage LED DRIVER, but don’t worry, these are readily available online.

Aurora Strip Light Flex Channel is a vital accessory to home strip lights in their ‘raw’ form. A flex channel acts as a safe haven for LED strip lights to sit and allows for simple mounting under cabinets or on walls. Strip light channels come in a variety of sizes, so depending on how big you want your light show to be, you’ll need to purchase a flex channel that matches the dimensions of the strip lights. Flex channels are usually made in white to help to keep the channel discreet.

Aurora Colour Changing Controller is an example of how modern lighting has advanced. You can now control the attributes of a strip light via remote controls for additional convenience as you sit back and relax at home or rush around the bar at work serving drinks. Most modern RGB controllers not only feature the option to change colours but a user can also alter the pace and brightness in which they illuminate.


Everyone knows what a light bulb is, but apart from selecting the cheapest in a long line of models or making jokes about how many people it takes to change one, it’s rare that they get much of a looking. However there is more to bulbs than meets the eye. These days, including Aurora’s spectacular range, light bulbs and lamps offer much more than just a standard light source. Beam angles have been concentrated, bulb temperatures have been cooled down, they step with an energy savvy attitude and they appear extremely stylish even though they are just a ‘light bulb’.

Aurora have plenty of bulb types on offer from common models such as GU10s and B22s, to other more advanced models suitable for specific fittings. Just jot down what kind of bulb your fitting takes and you’ll be more than likely to find them on our website.

aurora light bulbs

Aurora 5W GU10 Dimmable LEDChronic Lamp is an advanced GU10 light bulb that uses a unique anti-glare adaptation which replicates the appearance of a dichroic halogen lamp. This Aurora LEDChronic lamp will provide you with 40,000 hours of life, 270 lumens and a 5w power supply for quality low energy usage. All of these attributes will mean that the costs of re-lamping will dramatically cease as this light bulb will serve you proud for a very long time.

Aurora 3W GU10 High Power LED Lamp is another GU10 model but this one adopts an aluminium alloy heatsink for heat dissipation. These type of lamps are quality choices for anyone buying bulbs for accent lighting, this is down to the little heat it transmits and its 20 degree lens.

Aurora PAR20 7W Dimmable LED Lamp is a high output lamp that benefits from a very bright beam. The main reason for its strength is its narrow beam angle of 25 degrees, and coincidentally the lifespan of this bulb is 25,000 hours. The PAR20 lamp also has a high colour rendering index of 82 and is a great choice for smooth dimming transitions on most lighting dimmers.

Aurora GLS B22 7W CTA Dimmable LED Lamp is a great light bulb if quality dimming is essential. This is a bayonet fitting B22bulb, so another common bulb type just like GU10s. The main attraction of this GLS CTA dimmable LED lamp is how it dims from a modest warm white to a very warm white colour temperature, similar to old incandescent bulbs. Its TCS (temperature control system) enables the protection of internal electronics from overheating. This 7W high power CREE LED also owns a power factor of 0.86 and will last 40 times longer than an equivalent incandescent model.

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